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Mellon’s Place Season 1

8. The Dashboard Edge

The entire agency is working together like a finely tuned machine. Every client they choose to work with is engaged in a year-round adventure to make every element of the benefit program work to its maximum potential.

7. On-Purpose Prospecting

Juan’s dreams come true. He now has everything he needs – and a team to back him up – for attracting, onboarding and retaining bigger, better clients.

Melon's Place Episode #6

6. Leap of Faith

Despite torrents of trepidation, Ray convinces the Mellon’s Place team to try a One-Client Test Drive. The tension is palpable, the sparks fly, and after blinking their eyes a couple of times, they emerge on the other side of a complex OE as heroes.

5. Dashboard Dreams

Cybil hears about an entirely different approach to ben admin. Her investigation and introduction to Ray lead to an unexpected surprise for the entire team.

Mellon's Place Episode 3

3. Clues Among the Wreckage

The team at Mellon and Associates tries to figure out why they can’t seem to get online enrollment technology to work for them. How did we get here? What made us do it? What did we miss? What did we do wrong?

Mellons Place episode 1

1. Omens of the Inevitable

Really Big Client wants a ben admin system in the worst way… and that’s how they’re going to get it. Can the team at Mellon and Associates pull it off?