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A Comprehensive Suite
of Solutions

For a better employee experience.
And a better advisory experience.

Turnkey implementation of an enterprise-grade enrollment platform

Full-Service Implementation

Initial implementation and ongoing delivery of benefits.

Administrative Services

Using technology to reduce day-to-day administration

The Benefits Desk

Advocating for employees in a complex benefits ecosystem.

Decision Support

Empowering employees to make great benefit decisions

Integrated Benefits
Information Portal

Educate employees with content-rich, multimedia, multi-platform system

Customer Success Management

Delivering outcomes with the least burden to advisors and employer admin teams

Invoice Reconciliation and Audit Services

Avoiding and eliminating leakage

Payroll Deduction and Reconciliation

Ensuring accurate and timely employee payroll deductions

Benefit Plan Strategies
and Communication

Deploying creative benefit plan strategies without adding to complicated management overhead

Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Verification

Eliminating coverage costs of ineligible dependents

ACA Tracking, Reporting, and Filing

Staying compliant without extra overhead and complexity