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Engage Great

Optimize Client

Achieve Exceptional
Business Goals


Steered away from what you do best?

On a detour away from building great client relationships?

Client service team going in circles?


Broker-do-it-yourself (BDIY) ben admin tech has yet to do for small to medium-sized companies (the “smiddle” market) what it has been doing for years for big business.

That’s because in the resource-limited smiddle market space, a relationship-first approach is needed.

We Deliver

Custom Employee Benefits Solutions

Relationship-First Integrity

20 + Years

Enterprise Grade

Workforce Junction is a specialty, boutique technology partner delivering custom solutions.

We empower  you, the modern benefit advisor, to immediately improve your bottom line by:
  • Minimizing administrative risk and burden
  • Giving you greater leverage of your resources
  • Achieving workforce optimization
We are different and a true partner because we:
  • Invest in long-term relationships and shared success
  • Take complete ownership to get results
  • Make sure you never have to say “No”

How It Works

Relationship Opportunity
& Risk Assessment

Relationship ROI

One Client
Test Drive

You never have to say “No”.

Our belief in relationships first drives our ability to thoroughly understand each client situation before recommending, deploying, and managing the most appropriate, custom combination of service, solutions and technology.


  • They make the world a better place and are the backbone of the American economy.
  • They are more enjoyable, and more relationship-first than big businesses.
  • To compete for top talent, smiddle market companies must offer an exceptional benefits program and experience.
  • They are under-served and this is not acceptable.
  • Delivering a big business benefits experience to smiddle market companies is a great and enduring business opportunity for modern benefits advisors.

Our Values

We only work with people whose values align with ours.

Relationships First

We generously invest our time, attention and wisdom into nurturing long-term, win-win relationships. The benefits advisors and technology partners we succeed with know technology is of little value without these types of relationships.

Confident Humility

We are confident about what we know and recognize we do not know everything. Confident humility creates the space for powerful, enduring relationships, and the continuous opportunity to deliver truly unique solutions within each relationship.

Integrity Always

Integrity is part of who we are, what we say, how we act, the people we choose to work with, the technology we create, and the service and solutions we deliver. It is our most valuable asset. Above all else, we protect our own, and our partners’ and clients’ integrity.

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