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Empowering technology,
with wisdom and service®

Technology alone is not enough.
The full value and power of technology can only be realized
when it is chosen, implemented and kept up-to-date
with wisdom and service.

We believe...

the people who own and work for small to mid-size businesses deserve the same benefits and advantages available to big business.

We Believe...

the value a professional benefits advisor delivers is essential to the success of their employer client.


We know technology is only valuable when it makes the complex simple.

  • The power of our technology is fueled by ~20 years of deep experience serving the needs of global big businesses
  • We seamlessly combine a comprehensive suite of technology-enabled, enterprise-grade, best-of-breed solutions
  • Our technology ensures consistent enforcement of complex business rules and benefit program compliance


We know wisdom is worthless without collaboration.

  • Empowering collaboration between the employer, their benefit advisor, and insurance carriers and other service providers is one of our core capabilities
  • We are purposefully selective when choosing the advisors and employers we work with
  • Our ability to add value to every relationship is driven by a commitment to continuous discovery


We know the desired outcomes of a benefits program will only be achieved with dedicated, comprehensive service.

  • Our hi-tech/hi-touch service model nurtures and empowers the insight and wisdom that must be applied in benefits administration
  • Our full-service implementation expertly resolves any complex situations that may arise
  • Our ongoing troubleshooting delivers year-round system refinement and adaptation to the employer’s changing needs
  • Employees have 24×7 access to The Benefits Desk, our U.S. based call center
  • Our accounting, audit, and data management services reduce admin user work load
  • Our service and solutions enhance the employer’s standing in the hearts and minds of their workforce

We Promise...

  • Employees will have greater appreciation of their benefits
  • They will make better decisions with greater confidence
  • They and their families will lead healthier and more productive lives
  • The workforce will become champions – true believers – in their employer’s company
  • Employers will control costs and improve return on every cent invested in their workforce
  • Employers will more easily attract and retain better workforce members
  • Advisors will be free to work with the employer in a more proactive and strategic role

Explore the difference

We developed The Relationship Value Multiplier to nurture and accelerate our contribution to your growing success. Click here to see how it can work for you.

Experience the difference

Contact us now to discover how we help you make more money by optimizing client revenue, and by attracting and more easily converting bigger, better clients… all while delivering more value in less time with far less effort.