Mellon's Place

An Email Soap Opera

Mellon Group

New from Workforce Junction Studios… just because we can always use a little entertainment to brighten our day.

Tune in to our email soap opera and watch as a lovable cast of characters weather a never-ending storm of market changes, client demands, complex technology, office romance, failures, and triumphs.

The 8 episodes in season 1 follow the exploits of Mellon Benefits & Associates, LLC located in the fictional city of Beansville, Nebraska. In their own way, each chratacter will overcome personal, social and business challenges to reach new levels of success – alone and together. Filled with drama, comedy and suspense, every episode is sure to touch the hearts and fire up the imaginations of employee benefit professionals everywhere.


Episode #5

Ray Shersharpe makes a presentation to the Mellons team which could be a game changer, but will Walter make a change?

Episode #4

In this episode, the team at Mellon and Associates try to figure out why they can’t get online enrollment technology to work for them. And, in a moment of stress…

Episode #3

In this episode, the team at Mellon and Associates try to figure out why they can’t seem to get online enrollment technology to work for them. And, in a moment…

Episode #2

 Previously on Mellon’s Place Juan Manband looks on as Dee Zaster speaks on phone.   DEE: Pardon me… did I hear you right? Voice of Really Big Client HR Director on smart…

Episode #1

In this episode, the team at Mellon and Associates has to give a proposal for a 21st Century Benefits Admin System to Really Big Client. Can they pull it off?

Cast of Characters

  • Walter Mellon: Agency principal, known as “the tinkerer” who is always looking to do things differently (not always better) determined to take the agency to the next level.
  • Dee Zaster: Client service team leader and relationship guru yearning for recognition and a chance to change the world.
  • Juan Manband: Producer with a (mostly) well-hidden inferiority complex who dreams of becoming more than a sales person.
  • Cybil Wrights: Account manager with an eidetic memory who never forgets a name. She lives and breathes the lives of every client she serves.
  • Earl E. Bird: Second-generation business owner striving to protect his parents’ legacy while following his own path for the business he has inherited. 
  • Ray Sersharpe: Relationship-first zealot who’s dedicated his life to making technology work for people like our cast of characters.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1: Omens of the Inevitable

Really Big Client wants a ben admin system in the worst way… and that’s how they’re going to get it.

Episode 2: The Tech-Only Train Wreck

Reader discretion advised. The resulting train wreck is chilling. Is there a silver lining? Find out next episode.

Episode 3: Clues Among the Wreckage

How did we get here? What made us do it? What did we miss? What did we do wrong?

Episode 4: Searching for the Phoenix

Picking up the pieces and moving on. “There’s gotta be a better way to bring tech to our clients!” Walter implores the benefit gods.

Episode 5: Dashboard Dreams

Cybil hears about an entirely different approach to ben admin. Her investigation and introduction to Ray leads to an unexpected surprise for the entire team.

Episode 6: Leap of Faith

Despite torrents of trepidation, Ray convinces the Mellon’s Place team to try a One-Client Test Drive. The tension is palpable, the sparks fly, and after blinking their eyes a couple of times, they emerge on the other side of a complex OE as heroes.

Episode 7: On-Purpose Prospecting

Juan’s dreams come true. He now has everything he needs – and a team to back him up – for attracting, onboarding and retaining bigger, better clients.

Episode 8: The Dashboard Edge

The entire agency is working together like a finely tuned machine. Every client they choose to work with is engaged in a year-round adventure to make every element of the benefit program work to its maximum potential.