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7. On-Purpose Prospecting

Walter Mellon hesitantly enters, seems to think better of it, turns to leave when he is approached by a sales woman.

SALES WOMAN:You must have someone special in mind.

WALTER: What? Who me? Ah, no, well yes… ah…

SALES WOMAN: Wow… it must be someone really special.

WALTER: She is… she’s really special. I guess I’m thinking… ah…

SALES WOMAN: …about popping the question?

WALTER: Yes. Darn it! I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

SALES WOMAN: : Oh my. You’re OK. I’ve seen this before. Let me help you pick out something really special. You’ll feel better as soon as you choose the perfect ring.

WALTER: OK… but just in case, what’s your return policy?


Juan Manband is pecking out an email. His phone rings.

JUAN: Mellon and Associates, Juan speaking.

EARL E. BIRD: Juan! How are you? It’s Earl from Bird Baths and Beyond.

JUAN: Hi Earl. Is something wrong? I mean I’m fine. How are you?

EARL: I’m fine. Everything is fine.

JUAN: You’re calling me? 

EARL: Why sure. Why not? You’re the sales guy at Mellon’s and I’ve got a hot lead for you. 

Juan stands up suddenly, almost drops the phone.

JUAN: You do? 

EARL: Hey, don’t sound so surprised. Act like you’ve been here before. After all, you folks did such a good job for me and my people, I would be happy to introduce you to anyone.  

Juan gathers himself… sits down.

JUAN: Sorry Earl. It’s not every day a client calls to give me a lead.    
                                                                                                   FADE TO:

Walter sits at his desk opening and closing a small jewelry box. Startled by a loud knock on door, he drops the box. Juan enters.

JUAN: Walter, you won’t believe what just happened.

WALTER: Neither will you…

JUAN: What?

Walter tries to hide the jewelry box by kicking it under his desk. Juan pretends not to notice.

WALTER: I mean, you look like you don’t believe it yourself. What’s up?

JUAN: Earle E. Bird just called me…

WALTER: Oh no, what’s wrong?

JUAN: You won’t believe it…

WALTER: Enough of that… what did he want?

JUAN: Nothing… well, I mean, he wanted to give me something.

WALTER: You? Why you? What was it?

JUAN: He gave me a great lead to a potential client… one of his suppliers has been using the License This! platform and is fed up.

WALTER: We’ve been down that road of despair… what are you going to do?

JUAN: That’s the best part; Earl, I mean Mr. Bird, is taking us to lunch. How about that!

WALTER: You’re kidding! You get to go to lunch with a client and they’re bringing a prospect and I’m not invited?

JUAN (laughing): Well, you can get even some day by not inviting me to…

WALTER: Hey, no, it’s great. I’m just kidding. Knock’em dead son.
                                                                                                   FADE TO:

Cybil Wrights sits at her desk typing rapidly. Dee Zaster enters, taking off her rain coat.

DEE: Ugh… great day to be a duck.

Cybil nods, continues typing.

DEE: Cybil, I’ve been meaning to talk to you. Gotta sec?

CYBIL: Oh, sure. Sorry. I’m working on Juan’s proposal.

DEE: Well, this is just between you and me. I think you know how I feel about Walter.

CYBIL: What? There’s something going on between you two?

DEE: Ha ha… good one. What I wanted to ask you about… well it’s kind of personal, but do you think I should slow things down a bit… I mean it’s probably not good for office morale. I don’t want to be the cause of anyone’s upset… especially yours. You’re such a great person on our team and I…

Cybil’s posture softens. She sighs and smiles.

CYBIL: Oh Dee, you’re worrying about something that isn’t that important. I mean at first, I was pretty upset… I always liked Walter a lot. But, watching you two together, it’s clear you can have something special… um, you have something special. I say go for it. The business will be just fine.

Fighting back tears, Dee drops her rain coat and takes Cybil’s hand.

DEE: Thank you, Cybil. Having you on my side means so much to me… I can’t tell you how much.

CYBIL: You’re welcome Dee. Now, if you want to be on my side, why don’t you give Juan a boot in the rear and tell him to do his own proposals.

Juan Manband speaks on phone.

JUAN: Hey Ray! I have a great idea. Why don’t you come with me to demo your platform for a hot new prospect Mr. Bird introduced me to?


RAY: Hmm… we’ll wow him with technology, right?

JUAN: Right. Your Employee Crossroads platform is just the thing I need to show him how we’re different and why we are the best.

RAY: OK… But, what about doing some discovery first. How can you be sure technology is the whole answer?

JUAN: Well, they’ve been using License This! for two years. It’s obvious they are into online technology. Besides, Employee Crossroads is much better tech…

RAY: Thanks for saying that, but don’t you think we’re more than just top end tech?

JUAN: Why sure you are… but it’s the tech that counts.

RAY: You’re half right.

JUAN: Half? So, it’s Obi Wan time again… what half am I not getting?

RAY: Questions Juan. Why do they need ben admin tech? What do they want to achieve? What have they tried before? Where has it worked… or not worked? What are their business goals? How do they leverage their data… assuming they access it? How do they measure success?

JUAN: Whoa… OK, OK. I get it. Before we demo, we discover.

RAY: I know I’ve said it before but, if we don’t, we will be setting ourselves up for a tech-first train wreck. It may not happen this year or even next, but without a reality-driven understanding of where your clients are, where they are heading and how they plan to get there… well, we might as well be peddling tech for License This!    
                                                                                                   FADE TO:

Walter, pacing, stops, picks up phone, dials three numbers.

WALTER: Hi Dee. How about lunch?

Walter listens, nods and smiles.

WALTER: OK, I’ll swing by your desk in 10 minutes.

Cybil Wrights at her desk typing rapidly (as usual!). Juan enters.

CYBIL: Buenas tardas señor Juan. ¿Cómo estás?

JUAN: I couldn’t be better señora. Ray and I just met the prospect Mr. Bird brought us and I think we’re going to get the business.

CYBIL: Well how about that! Say, did Ray talk to you about that thing he wants to do with our existing accounts?

JUAN: Yes, on the way to the meeting. Opportunity assessment is what he called it. I’m not sure how it works, but it sounds pretty cool.

CYBIL: I know what you mean… I’m not sure either but he says he can analyze our existing accounts and identify opportunities for us to grow them by as much as 30 percent…

JUAN: That’s what he told me too… sounds great doesn’t it?

CYBIL: And the best part is it’s not just about us making more money. He says it’s actually a way for us to help our clients save money and provide even better benefits…

JUAN: I’ll see it when I believe it…

CYBIL: Huh? You’re a nut.


Walter and Dee are stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as other pedestrians walk around them. Dee is obviously upset. Walter throws his hands up and walks away.




Director: Mathew Augustine
Producer: Nitya Mathew
Executive Producer: Mathew Augustine
Screen Play: Curtis Verstraete
Director of Photography: Janice Baez
Production Designer: Denna Mathew
Editor: Juan Brito
Associate Producers: Pat Porter, Russ Darrin
Original Concept: Curtis Verstraete
Emailed On Location @ WFJ Studios Workforce Junction Team

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No animals were harmed in the making of this soap opera.

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