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Career Opportunities

Do You See Your Future Here?

We believe…

  • The people who own and work for small to mid-size businesses deserve the same benefits and advantages available to big business.
  • The value a professional benefits advisor delivers is essential to the success of their employer client.

We know…

  • Technology is only valuable when it makes the complex simple.
  • Wisdom is worthless without collaboration.
  • The desired outcomes of a benefits program will only be achieved with dedicated, comprehensive service.

We Promise…

  • Employees will have greater appreciation of their benefits
  • They will make better decisions with greater confidence
  • They and their families will lead healthier and more productive lives
  • The workforce will become champions – true believers – in their employer’s company
  • Employers will control costs and improve return on every cent invested in their workforce
  • Employers will more easily attract and retain better workforce members
  • Advisors will be free to work with the employer in a more proactive and strategic role

Our Values

Relationships First

Relationships are a shared responsibility and start with mutual knowledge and respect. We know our capabilities are of little value outside the context of these types of relationships.

Confident Humility

We are confident about what we know and recognize we do not know everything. Confident humility creates the space for unique and powerful relationships, and the opportunity to arrive at truly valuable solutions within each relationship.  

Integrity Always

Integrity is part of who we are, what we say, how we act, the people we choose to work with, the technology we create, and the service and solutions we offer. Above all else, we protect our own, and our partners’ and clients’ integrity.

Next Step

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Are You?

In the employee benefits industry and excited about its future ?

A person who truly cares about the wellbeing of others?

A believer in the vital contribution small to mid-sized businesses make to our society?



If you share our beliefs and values and would like to explore helping us deliver on our promise, visit: