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The Tech Only Trap™

When the solution includes only technology.

Rigid Solutions

Last minute decision making, system setup scramble, employees can’t access the system, they’re confused about the enrollment process, incorrect employee demographic information, making changes and exceptions is too difficult, frequent data entry errors – new employees not set up right, it takes too long to get reports and analysis, no separation of plan documents and information by employee categories

What if...

It was agile and flexible

Messy Data

Payroll deductions don’t match enrollment, EOI approvals don’t match with carrier approvals, messed up billing, overpaying carriers, billing for salary-based plans are wrong, changes are not passed to carriers, deductions are not updated (pending transactions are not approved)

What if...

It was lucid and clear

Compliance Burden

Enrollment process doesn’t follow regulations and employer policies, ineligible dependents remain on plan, IRS notices for incorrect ACA filing, HSA plan payroll deductions exceed IRS limits – employer contributions are unaccounted for, client HR gets too many calls for help/support from employees, even after hours, forced to extend open enrollment at the last minute

What if...

You had peace of mind

Tech for Tech’s Sake

Technology is sold as a cure-all; a silver bullet that will instantly propel an employer’s ben admin into the future. The employer’s unique employee culture, strategic business goals, and desire to nurture a workforce of champions – true believers – in the company are ignored.

What if...

You could discover a better way in just one click