Our Team

The right people, processes, and strategy surround innovative
and successful technology solutions.

The workforce at Workforce Junction

Workforce Junction was formerly Hanna Global Solutions, serving a variety of clients with benefits brokerage, technology and administration solutions. The company is now solely focused on being the most valuable technology partner possible to benefits advisors. We have divested ourselves from the brokerage business Hanna Global owned and Workforce Junction is now fully committed to supporting brokerage firms and the employers they serve.

We are a team of professionals almost all of whom have been working together for over a decade, serving customers in Benefits Administration. Our core values, and a common interest in serving the small to mid-market businesses and their workforce with benefits administration solutions, keeps us working together to realize our vision:

  • Provide great service, create superior solutions, generate honest wealth, and do good to those we serve
  • Create wealth to support our families, multiply it with creativity and use it with generosity
  • Make the world a better place, create peace and joy by serving the needs of this workforce and showing them the way to live better