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8. The Dashboard Edge


Walter Mellon, wearing a stained t-shirt and boxer shorts, sits staring at a small jewelry box on the table. Table is littered with dishes, sections of a newspaper are scattered on the floor.

Smart phone rings and vibrates. Walter looks at caller ID, doesn’t answer, his shoulders sag.




Walter and Dee Zaster are stopped in the middle of the sidewalk as pedestrians walk around them. Dee has tears in her eyes.

DEE: No… I’m afraid. It won’t work. I mean I need more time.

WALTER: Why can’t it work? What did I do? What can I do?


DEE: There’s nothing I can do. It’s too complicated. You wouldn’t understand!

Walter throws his hands up and walks away.
                                                                                                   FADE TO:


Juan Manband is pecking out an email. Cybil Wrights walks behind him.


CYBIL: Tsk… I can’t believe Walter hasn’t come in yet. 

JUAN: Something has happened. Dee hasn’t come out of her office all morning.

CYBIL: I think you’re right. Dee has been worried about what’s going to happen next between her and Walter.

JUAN: I’ll tell you what I think is next…



CYBIL: C’mon what could you possibly know.

JUAN: I know what a jeweler’s wedding ring box looks like.

CYBIL: What… tell me, tell me, tell me!




Dee dials the office phone.




DEE: Oh Walter, Walter… please answer.

Dee’s eyes widen.


DEE: Walter give me one second to explain. Don’t hang up. I will marry you!



Dee enters. Cybil and Juan are still talking.

DEE: Hey, what’s up with you two?



JUAN: Oh, nothing, we’re just talking about…

CYBIL: About Walter. Is he ill?

DEE: Ah, not anymore. I’ve got really big news.

JUAN: You’re getting married!

CYBIL: Shut up Juan! Dee, are you?

DEE: Wow, can’t keep a secret around this place. Yes… that’s it, we’re getting married.

JUAN: Great… am I invited?



Earl, Walter and Juan sit around small conference table. Walter is showing a set of charts on a tablet.


So, you see, these dashboards precisely measure how your plan is doing. This intel is actionable data. With it we can take specific action – like altering the messages we’re sending employees – based on what is really happening. No more guessing year-to-year.



EARL: I get it. This gives us insight into how, and why, to manage the benefits experience and communicate with employees 365 days a year.

JUAN: That’s right! Open enrollment is just one opportunity to engage your employees.

WALTER: Plus, by integrating Decision Assist into the enrollment platform, we not only help employees choose the very best health plan and ancillary benefits, we also ensure they truly appreciate how valuable their benefits are.

JUAN: This is so great. Forgive me Earl, but I have been wanting to do more than just sell benefits insurance my entire career. With clients like you, and partners like Employee Crossroads, I can actually make a significant contribution to your success… and not only prove it year-to-year, but keep improving. Will you look at me, I’m a consultant!




Light streams through stained-glass windows. Walter and Juan stand in front of the altar facing back of church. An old organ plays the wedding march. A little girl enters sprinkling rose petals. Dee and her father (Brinko D.) enter followed by Cybil. Both sides of the aisle are almost full. Earl E. Bird and Ray Shersharpe sit together several rows back from the front.


EARL: (Whispering) Wow, quite a crowd. Dee looks amazing.

RAY: And Cybil does too.

EARL: Walter looks like he’s going to burst out of his tux.

RAY: Whose kid is the flower girl?

EARL: I don’t know but she sure looks a lot like Dee.






Cybil and Juan stand in front of Cybil’s cubicle. Juan drinks a fruit smoothie.

CYBIL: Have you heard from Walter or Dee?



JUAN: Nope, not a whisper. Sure was a great wedding tho…

CYBIL: Yes, I noticed you were enjoying yourself… Margaritas I presume?

JUAN: Néctar de los dioses my dear.


CYBIL: Right… you weren’t very angelic I must say.

JUAN: Hey, I already apologized. Let’s get to work.

CYBIL: Oh, you’re not done apologizing yet!




Long shot of happy family splashing around in the shallows. Mom, Dad each take a hand of their little girl as the camera zooms in. Close up of Dad toweling off his face. As he lowers the towel, we see it’s Walter Mellon.








Director: Mathew Augustine
Producer: Nitya Mathew
Executive Producer: Mathew Augustine
Screen Play: Curtis Verstraete
Director of Photography: Janice Baez
Production Designer: Denna Mathew
Editor: Juan Brito
Associate Producers: Pat Porter, Russ Darrin
Original Concept: Curtis Verstraete
Emailed On Location @ WFJ Studios Workforce Junction Team

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. No animals were harmed in the making of this soap opera.

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