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Mellon’s Place

8. Jelly Roll Up

We fast-forward two years to find out what’s happened since Juan and Cybil committed to
taking Mellon and Associates to the next level. Not only has revenue has doubled, but a big
agency roll up wants to buy Mellon’s. And at home, Walter and Dee welcomed a new child into
their family, and Juan and Cybil have a big surprise for everyone.

7. It’s Geometric My Dear Watson

After their excellent work at the BFA conference, Walter makes a bold proposition to his team while Juan faces a major career decision.

Mellon's Place Season 2 - Episode 6 - The power of Purpose

6. The Power of Purpose

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Inspired by Juan Manband’s passion for onboarding only the very best clients, Walter and Dee develop the firm’s purpose. Juan and Ray Shersharpe present the Mellon’s secret to rapid growth.

3. Downsized But Not Out

The Mellon’s team returns to the office after months of working remotely. Spoiler alert: a new romance seems to be brewing.

8. The Dashboard Edge

The entire agency is working together like a finely tuned machine. Every client they choose to work with is engaged in a year-round adventure to make every element of the benefit program work to its maximum potential.

7. On-Purpose Prospecting

Juan’s dreams come true. He now has everything he needs – and a team to back him up – for attracting, onboarding and retaining bigger, better clients.