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8. Jelly Roll Up

We fast-forward two years to find out what’s happened since Juan and Cybil committed to
taking Mellon and Associates to the next level. Not only has revenue has doubled, but a big
agency roll up wants to buy Mellon’s. And at home, Walter and Dee welcomed a new child into
their family, and Juan and Cybil have a big surprise for everyone.

7. It’s Geometric My Dear Watson

After their excellent work at the BFA conference, Walter makes a bold proposition to his team while Juan faces a major career decision.

Mellon's Place Season 2 - Episode 6 - The power of Purpose

6. The Power of Purpose

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Inspired by Juan Manband’s passion for onboarding only the very best clients, Walter and Dee develop the firm’s purpose. Juan and Ray Shersharpe present the Mellon’s secret to rapid growth.