Career Opportunity:

Relationship Zealot –
Benefits Champion

Is it time to liberate your passion for helping others?

Imagine the joy when your every working day is filled with initiating, nurturing, and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships. Imagine knowing each person you serve, each person you truly invest in, is being empowered to achieve greatness. Imagine working in a team inspired by a shared, powerful purpose. Imagine having the freedom and the means to be your very best self!

The Opportunity

Workforce Junction is a close-knit team dedicated to a single mission: empower employee benefits advisors and their agencies to achieve greater success.

Initiating, nurturing, and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships – truly investing in the people we serve – is job one. Working with benefits advisors to bring world-class technology solutions to the under-served small to mid-market employer is how we get the job done.

Your job will be to work closely with our senior team to identify, onboard, and  retain highly-qualified benefits advisors and agency leaders.

Essential Activities

  • Opening new relationships with highly qualified prospective benefit advisors and agency leaders
  • Nurturing existing relationships through continuous opportunity discovery and realization
  • Representing the vision of the company externally and internally
  • Designing, developing, and executing strategies for achieving relationship and business goals

Essential Activities

  • You are an enthusiastic, powerful, engaging and sensitive communicator
  • You have the ability to inspire others, stoke their enthusiasm, and motivate them to take action
  • You are an extrovert who is energized by meeting new people and creating new relationships
  • You instinctively put the needs, circumstances, and feelings of other people into the center of how you think, speak and act
  • You are not a sales person; you are a problem solver and an opportunity pathfinder
  • You think like an entrepreneur and constantly explore and take on new avenues for professional and personal growth
  • You enjoy the freedom of being able to work from anywhere and hold yourself accountable for achieving your personal and professional goals
  • You are already in, and passionate about, the employee benefits business

Next Steps

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Are You?

In the employee benefits industry and excited about its future ?

A person who truly cares about the wellbeing of others?

A believer in the vital contribution small to mid-sized businesses make to our society?


If you think and feel good about this opportunity, visit

Our Values

Relationships FirstConfident HumilityIntegrity

We Believe

…the value a professional benefits advisor delivers is essential to the success of their employer client.

…the people who own and work for small to mid-size businesses deserve the same benefits and advantages available to big business.