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Virtual Boardroom

Take a seat at the head of the table and quickly
find information that’s most important to you.

Agency Owners: Click on PRINCIPALS to learn about how you increase revenue on core benefits by at least 10%.

Benefit Advisors: Click on PRODUCERS to discover the power of a perfect sales partnership… and to enter a very cool contest.

Account Service Team Members: Check out the ACCOUNT DIRECTORS link and test drive the Workload Removal Machine.

We Believe…
The value a professional benefits advisor delivers is essential to the success of their employer client. That’s why we focus everything we have on empowering you with technology, wisdom and service.


What’s New???
That’s a great Question!

Compliance Services: Free Compliance Rx to use for clients and prospects, and creation of Compliance Documents (Sec 125/POP, ERISA/Wrap) in a few clicks.

The Dashboard Edge: Delivers a complete benefit program financial performance story in real-time (24/7-365)

OE Express: Enterprise-grade, world-class, turnkey online enrollment

Starting at $1,250 with no PEPM.

Our Values

Our Boardroom Team

Nitya Mathew

Nitya Mathew

Innovation Director & User Experience Advocate.

Mathew Augustine

Mathew Augustine

CEO & Your “single throat to choke.”

Darin Reeser

Darin Reeser

#1 Relationship Development Zealot & Voluntary Benefits Guru.

Curtis Verstraete

Curtis Verstraete

Wisdom Wrangler & Message Master.