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The Employee Success Revolution

A new way of ensuring customers actually achieve their goals is rapidly gaining popularity among large enterprises. It’s called Customer Success and savvy companies are using it to retain customers longer and maximize per-customer profit.

Workforce Junction brought a panel of experts together to explore how Customer Success strategies can be adopted by employee benefits advisors. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how you can achieve these outcomes using Employee Success strategies:

  • Significant differentiation from competitors
  • Easier, new client conversion
  • Longer client retention
  • Protect and increase per client revenue

The panelists are:

  • Shreesha Ramdas, SVP, GM at Medallia Strikedeck 
  • Chip Abernathy, CEO and Founder of Touchpoints
  • Andy Racic, Head of Sales, Tango Health 
  • Ramesh Raghunathan, PhD, COO CXC Solutions 
  • Mathew Augustine, CEO Workforce Junction
  • Curtis Verstraete, CEO On Purpose IP (moderator)
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