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OE Express Benefits

Here our the 24 plus advantages of implementing
a Benefits Administration System.

Why Implement a Benefits Administration System?

Administrative Efficiency for HR

Time Savings
HR Staff can save time spent on Open Enrollment processes.

Remove Paper
Eliminate paper from the annual enrollment process.

Employee Self-Service Employees complete benefit elections online, on their own time when convenient for them. Less HR oversight required.

Benefit Communication Educational videos, plan comparison, helpful links, definitions, notifications, and directions, embedded within the enrollment site will reduce phone calls and questions to HR.

Data Accuracy
Manual and/or duplicate data entry is eliminated via payroll, HRIS, and insurance carrier integrations.

Broker Access
Increased access to employee information for the Advisor to streamline servicing – without coming to HR for information.


Data Accuracy = Reduced Errors
Employee is responsible for entering their own information, steered by built-in compliance and business rules.

Secure and Encrypted
Paper, physical files, scanned documents in local computer folders, emails and spreadsheets are not secure and do not ensure PHI is handled in compliance with HIPAA regulations. An encrypted Benefits Administration system ensures that employee DOB’s, SSN’s, uploaded documents, etc. are protected, stored, and transmitted securely.

History Logs
All activity tracked in the system, giving employers an audit trail of employee data displaying past enrollments, waivers, eligibility, offers of coverage, etc. traced back to each individual employee’s record.

ACA Reporting
Streamlined and automated ACA reporting ensuring all IRS reports are accurate.

Employee Experience

Meeting Requirements of a New Generation
Millennials, the largest generation group in the workforce today, expect technology and are used to “instant.”

Enhanced Employer Value Perception
System that is uniquely branded to the company gives the employer a ‘big company’ employee portal without the expense of a custom employee web site.

Benefit Education
Step-by-step workflows guide employees through various communications (videos, explanations, instructions), to better understand their benefits.

Time Savings
Employees enter demographic information once. Their information then flows directly to multiple insurance carriers based on their elections.

Self-Service Access
Employees complete benefit election online, on their own time; they complete their elections when it’s most convenient.

Spouse & Dependent Access
All plan members, not just employees, have access to the same benefit information and communications.

Hard Cost Savings

Cost of Paper and Printing
Eliminates the need for printing benefit guides, enrollment packets, applications and plan summary documents.

Ineligible Employees
A rules-based system with built-in policies and eligibility rules reduces the risk of covering those who are not eligible. Streamlined system reporting to aid eligibility audits.

Carrier Invoice Reconciliation
The benefits administration system becomes the employee system of record for enrollments, allowing employers to self-bill or easily reconcile carrier invoices.

Advisor Efficiency

Access to Employee Data
Group census, eligibility, employee contact information, etc. are instantly accessible the Advisor.

Streamlined Enrollment
Reduces effort on enrollment guides, printing, contribution calculation, benefit explanation, and various other servicing processes associated with Open Enrollment.

Increased Communications
Educational videos, helpful links, policy explanation, email notifications, and call center capabilities reduce the employer and employee questions.

No Paper = Reduced Errors
Removes the need for deciphering employee applications or going back and forth for missing information.

Easier Administration = More Products
A benefits administration system eases the back-end administration for HR, making it easier to add ancillary, supplemental, and voluntary products to their benefit program.
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