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New, Collaborative Partnership Bolsters ben Admin Value

Relationship value specialist now representing Workforce Junction

Workforce Junction, a leading international employee benefits technology provider, has formed a collaborative partnership with Houston-based Reeser Group.

“As we integrate additional, carefully-chosen solutions into our ben admin platform, we are also increasing our capacity to empower benefit advisors to much better serve mid-sized employers and their workforces,” says Workforce Junction CEO Mathew Augustine. “By partnering with the Reeser Group, we are significantly increasing our marketing and business development capabilities and will more fully utilize that capacity.”

Reeser Group CEO, Darin Reeser is spearheading a unique, relationship value multiplier campaign. “Workforce Junction delivers a very sophisticated, multi-dimensional combination of enterprise grade technology, best-of-breed solution partners, and a powerful commitment to relationship development,” Reeser says. “Working with Mathew and his team is well aligned with my passion for helping benefit advisors, employers, employees and insurance carriers take full advantage of technology.”

The Reeser Group is a Houston-based employee benefit consulting and brokerage firm specializing in voluntary and core benefit strategy, customized communication solutions, and best-in class open enrollment technology.

“The purpose of our partnership with Darin is to ensure employee benefit advisors more fully understand what all of our solutions makes possible,” says Augustine. “We know managing the medical insurance increase is almost always the greatest challenge advisors and employers face. Empowering them to do so is the foundation upon which every solution and service we offer is built.”

“One of the many ways I help benefit advisors is by challenging them to take a close look at the business they are not able to write or are losing because they do not have a trusted technology partner,” Reeser says.  “Workforce Junction gives a big boost to a benefit insurance agency’s ability to attract, on-board, and sustain a successful relationship with mid-market employers; until now, a very poorly served market.”


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